• Chambalabamba Eco-Community Vilcabamba Ecuador

    Our Vision

    We envision living in a world without borders in which we all feel brothers and parts of a whole. Where there are differences, but love and peace reigns.

  • Chambalabamba Eco-community Vilcabamba Ecuador

    Volunteer in Vilcabamba

    We are a community in constant development & learning through experience. You can spend time participating in the volunteer program.

  • chambalabamba Eco-community Vilcabamba Ecuador


    To host your retreat in Chambalabamba we offer a place and a team of people that will help to improve and feel your body, soul and mind.

  • Chambalabamba Eco-community Vilcabamba Ecuador

    Community in Vilcabamba

    In Chambalabamba you will find a destination that will serve to reconnect with your inner self.